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Owen Jones on the violence of abortion - what a truly loathsome man so typical of 2017 Britain

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 29 October 2017

On today's Marr Show on the BBC, the guest lefty was the load mouth Guardian columnist Owen Jones whose bon mot was on the matter of abortion. His horror was at the "violence" of denying a woman a right to have an abortion. Words almost fail me.

Surely the true violence is in murdering a living creature, that is to say a foetus within a womb? One can argue all day about whether those foetus's which could not exist outside the womb, because they are not yet at that stage of development, have a right to life. Owen would say no, Jacob Rees Mogg would say yes and I admit to being horribly torn on the issue.

But Jones believes that the ultimate right is that of the mother and that abortions of babies that are sufficiently developed to be viable outside the womb are legitimate. To me that is plain murder. And the ultimate violence is surely in sticking a needle into such a being to snuff out its life. For various reasons Jones has not gone through the heartache of losing a child before it is born. He can have no idea of how precious that life would have been. That is not his fault not to have suffered that agony and misery, it is his blessing, but is he unaware of how hurtful his comments are to those who have suffered such an experience?

To see the denial of the right of a woman to murder a viable entity as somehow being violence when not seeing the act of murder itself as violent is the product of a degenerate mind. But Jones is part of a metropolitan elite who sees everything in terms of rights for adults and nothing in terms of our responsibilities to others. In today's world Michael Gove makes an unfunny joke and is lambasted, Owen Jones expresses outrage at the denial of a right to murder and will no doubt be applauded.

Another day, another reason to want to leave a degenerate place like Britain as fast as I can.

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