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Nikki Haley and Donald Trump on fire - why indeed give taxpayers cash to America bashers and Jew Haters?

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 24 December 2017

The US Congress has been demanding that America move its Israel embassy to Jerusalem for two decades. The American People overwhelmingly support it. And in Donald Trump the US finally has a President who on this matter delivered as he promised. Bush, Obama and Clinton just promised (to win votes) and reneged. Where America sites its embassy in the only democracy in the Middle East its business.

But the UN had to meddle and voted 128-9 ( with 41 abstentions) to condemn the move. Shamefully Britain was among the 128. Why? Folks say that this move will stop any moves towards a peace settlement with the Palestinians. That would be the same Palestinians who have rejected numerous deals and even talks while America pandered to their demands not to relocate the embassy.

That would be the same Palestinians who fire rockets on Israeli civilians and who give massive financial rewards to the families of those who martyr themselves killing civilians as long as those civilians are Jews. The pandering to those Palestinians has not gained much has it? Meanwhile the refusal to recognise Israel's capital, has been a snub to the only steadfast ally the West has in the region which does not also throw gays off tall buildings and behead dissidents.

In that light it is morally right for the US to move its embassy and shameful for the British to oppose that. Of course Trump and his gloriously forthright UN ambassador Nikki Haley accept that 128 countries can vote as they did. It is their call.

But why should the US give vast amounts of aid to countries which perennially use the UN as a platform to attack the USA and, in many cases, spend a disproportionate amount of time attacking the Jewish state? Why indeed. Both Trump and Haley have made it clear that how the US spends its cash is under review. Why the hell should US taxpayers cash be sent to countries that seem to love hating America and - in some cases - are Jew haters to boot?

Naturally the liberal media thinks that Trump and Haley are awful. Of course hard working Americans should pay more tax to provide cash to the leaders of countries that oppose America at every turn. What's not to like about that?

Once again main street USA will be siding not with the beltway and Manhattan elitists but with Trump and Haley. Here's hoping that a 2018 New Year resolution for both of them is not to tarry but to start slashing those wasted aid budgets for the American bashers and Jew haters right away.

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