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This is a first: I agree with Hillary Clinton - Nikki Haley for 2024!

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 24 December 2017

Sadly, since the passing of the 22nd Amendment in 1951, the US Constitution limits a President to two terms. It would be wonderful to think of Donald Trump causing all those, who right thinking folk despise, in Hollywood, the NFL, the liberal media and the special interest groups howling with anger in perpetuity as he talks common sense and stands up for American values. But sadly the party will come to an end after his second term, in 2024. And that brings me to crooked Hillary. You know, as I approach my 50th birthday for the first time ever, I find myself agreeing with the enabler of a rapist.

The question is who should take over from Trump. VP Mike Pence does a fairly good job of taking on the nauseating libs. His walk out in protest at the NFL prima donnas who decided to "take a knee" during the National Anthem was a stand out effort. How the liberal media baited him for that. I have not seen the BBC, the Guardian or C4 giving any coverage to how NFL attendances have plunged this year, stadia are full of empty seats and TV ratings have dived. Pence and Trump spoke for mainstream USA who are now boycotting the millionaire players with their hissy fits. The liberal media again backed the small liberal elite who think its okay to disrespect the flag and the anthem. So remind us Matt Frei, Kylie Morris et al who is it, you say is out of touch?

So Pence must be deemed a front runner. But call me disloyal but I agree with the crooked one: it is time to break the glass ceiling. I am ready now to start donating to Nikki Haley for 2024. The UN ambassador put in a cracking effort this week on cutting off aid to crooked third world Yankee bashers and Jew haters and is an all round top banana. She supports the right to bear arms, is opposed to murdering unborn kids, has no time at all for transgender folks in the military and wants Government to be smaller.

A devout Christian, born of Indian immigrants she is the American dream typified. Work hard and you can achieve anything, in the land of the free. She has been compared to Margaret Thatcher given her views on the desirability of a smaller state. A Haley candidacy would see tough words on immigration and no compromise on matters such as abortion. Watching the liberal media smear try to portray her as a racist and a sexist, as they do as a matter of course to white male GOP candidates with the same views, will be fun.

Haley is a Southerner who is not ashamed of the Confederate Flag (cue NY Times Op Ed on racism in the GOP), her husband did a tour of duty in Afghanistan - a great contrast to all those Dems who go round urging the US to invade everywhere but whose families never serve in the line of duty.

Haley has the lot. I road tested the idea on my godless 16 year old daughter Olaf who has requested a copy of the crooked one's book "why everyone else is to blame for me losing" for Christmas. She looked up Haley on google and described her as awful and unacceptable. If that is how you are viewed by an Islington elitist you have got to be doing almost everything right.

Haley for 2024

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