Whatever the BBC thinks, I am not discriminatory in not wanting to date a woman who used to have a penis

Tom Winnifrith Saturday 13 January 2018


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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And beauty is not skin deep - or should not be. I fancy the Mrs not only because she is physically attractive but for a range of reasons including her brains, sense of humour and her past experiences which I can understand. But now apparently that is not acceptable. If a woman's past experiences include being a man and going through surgery and hormone treatment that may be something that one may not find so attractive. In fact it is something that would deter me from trying it on.

But apparently that is, according to the BBC, arguably bigoted. That it runs a story where high profile trans India Willoughby asks the question as to whether refusing to date a trans is "discriminatory" shows how out of touch the state funded broadcaster is.

Who we date is because we discriminate on a range of grounds. Put another way we all have different tastes in who we date.

And whatever India or the BBC think "women" who used to have penises and be men are not quite like other women in ternms of their poast experiences, their ability to lift weights, and other matters. Such woman may be your squeeze of choice but they are not mine. Just as I am happy being married to a Guardian reading lefty while you may not be. It is down to taste.

What next? Perhaps if we are discussing what is a matter of taste you need to think about your CD collection.
No Motown in there? Hell's teeth you don't listen to soul or gospel either. Well I guess that makes you a racist as you are "discriminating" against black music. The logic is the same. Or rather complete lack of logic. This is sheer more complete insanity. And of course it is your taxes that funds the BBC which engages so enthusiastiacly in this insanity.

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