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97.5% of Irons are not Irons - West Ham virtue signals again

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 14 February 2018

West Ham United's St Valentine's day tweet is to suggest that we consider which three of those who have played for the club have had "beauty that has caught the eye". Apparently the top three "whose beauty caught the eye of the Claret and Blue Army, who swooned over their film-star looks and toned physiques in a West Ham United kit" are in reverse order Tomkins, Ljunberg and Dani. FFS. Ger real you fools.

According to the ONS less than 3% of the population are what used to be known as Irons but are now known as members of the LGBT community. Thus the overwhelming majority of the members of the claret and blue army are male and straight.

While our beloved West Ham takes time off from thinking about avoiding relegation for another bout of virtue signalling, most of we Irons (that is supporters of the club once known as Thames Ironworks FC) will not be dreaming of James Tomkins as we go to bed tonight. Nor will we we be pondering Dani, who played just 9 games for the club but according to the West Ham website "his high cheekbones and immaculately combed curtains will never, ever be forgotten." Bollocks, I had forgotten all about him years ago as had most others.

Would uber PC West Ham write a daft article about the 97% heterosexual claret and blue army viewing and objectifying women in this way? Let's see the three hottest members of the West Ham Ladies squad are.... Of course not. This is just more low grade piffle from a club whose owners  are ever more out of touch with its supporters and who are thus justifiably detested.

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