Thursday April 18, 2019
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So will the BBC, Channel 4, the Dems and the rest of the liberal elite apologise en masse to peace-maker Donald Trump over North Korea

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- Tom Winnifrith

For more than two decades the mad dog eating commies of North Korea have been trying to perfect missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads to the USA. Us President after US President has said how cross he is and if the dog eaters don't stop being so naughty they will impose more sanctions for China and most other folks to ignore.

Oddly enough this approach has not worked and after eight, especially spineless years, from President Hopey Change, Donald Trump came to power with North Korea having missiles that could nuke America. Naturally the liberal media had consistently praised the statesmanlike efforts of Nobel Peace Prize winner Hopey Change in attempting to secure peace & keeping the Korean Peninsula stable. They overlooked the fact that Obama had failed miserably in stopping the Korean nuclear & ICBM programmes, and so Obama handed over to Trump with a real hospital pass.

Trump told little Rocketman and North Korea where to get off. Mess with Trump's America and you will meet "fire and fury". Folks like the BBC's lamentable Jon Sopel or  Beltway insider Kylie Morris of Channel 4 Fake News rounded up tame country club republicans and armies of Dems to say how POTUS was risking an apocalypse, threatening world peace and following a path of sheer insanity.

Wind forward and North Korea has now said that it will scrap its nuclear programme altogether if its safety is guaranteed. We do not know how this will play out but thanks to President Trump we have something we never saw under his predecessors who were lauded by the liberal media as sage diplomats on matters Korean. We have the chance of disarming a rogue nation, of taking away its nukes.

So who will bee first to apologise to the President for allowing their hatred of Donald Trump to drive them to call the past two decades of relations with North Korea so incredibly badly? Sopel? Morris? Any other member of the liberal news elite? Your silence is deafening guys.


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