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The Frigging Puritans at Google – Please Burn in Hell

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 8 November 2012

We carry adverts on this site and I’d like to thank those companies who back us. But we also applied to run ads via Google and right now Google has just said that they will not because our content is unacceptable on two grounds: gambling and adult content. So we are ranked with the porn sites. This is laughable and my express wish this morning is that the puritans at Google burn in hell. Here’s why this is such a joke.

In its email Google states that

Currently, only Google ads that we classify as family-safe are available through the AdSense program. We’ve found adult content on your site. This includes text or images that contain sexual, lewd or provocative content, and sites that require users to be at least 18, or that may not be safe for work. Therefore, we’re unable to display relevant ads on your site.

Okay so let us just say that I am running porn on this site (which I am not), Google says that anyone who is drawn to that sort of content should not be allowed to click on an advert by one of its customers? Or that perverts have to go order their credit cards via an advert on a nice safe site instead. I give up on the gambling matter as this site just has nothing about that at all. What exactly are the rules on what is deemed “adult content?”

Here is the list from Google:

Pornographic images
Pornographic cartoons or anime (hentai)
Lewd or provocative images
Adult/sexual dating sites
Mail Order Brides / Escort sites
Crude or indecent language, including adult stories
Sexual tips or advice
Adult comment spam
Adult search results
Ads or links to external sites containing adult content
Sexual aids, devices and enhancers such as: vibrators, dildos, lubes, sex games, inflatable toys, penis and breast enlargements and sex instructional videos

Note: Sites that are selling sexual drugs such as Viagra will fall under the drug content policy, NOT adult content

I really am struggling on this one. Is it the women’s beach volleyball photo or that one of Cheryl Cole looking seductive lying on a bed? Perhaps it is the occasional use of the word fucked or buggered as in America’s economy is not in a very good state? Or perhaps I used the word shagging just a bit too often? Perhaps it was my suggestion that Peppa Pig’s younger brother should go work as a lapdancer to keep the EU onside that blew it for me?

I really have not got a fucking clue but am buggered if I am going to stop running that picture of the delightful Ms Cole. Another non Google advertiser has approached us today and we shall take its custom and the US giant can go to burn in hell with the other puritans who classify anything not toned in the language of the Guardian as unacceptable. Bollocks to you Google.

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