The Humourless left - Elizabeth Warren & the Guardian savage "racist" Donald Trump: fake news beyond parody

Tom Winnifrith Monday 12 March 2018


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Yeah that Donald Trump is a racist, our sort of story, says the Guardian and thus leads its foreign news section with a story "US Senator uses Trump Pocohontas jibe to raise awareness". Dem uber-bore Elizabeth Warren, according to the Guardian: "responded to President Trump's latest Pocohontas jibe yesterday by highlighting sexual violence against native American women, a tactic she said she would pursue every time the President "threw out" such a "racial slur"

Yes Trump calls Warren Pocohontas. The Guardian, being written by and for humourless liberal bastards desperate to show what an evil racist POTUS is, does not tell you why. So let me help. When Warren applied for a job at Harvard Law school she said that she was a Native American although if you look at her she appears to be whiter than most members of the Hitler Youth. But the liberals who run HLS loved the diversity cred and boasted about how they had their first "woman of color" on the payroll back in 1995.

Warren even contributed some old family recipes to a cookbook of Native American cuisine. Although it subsequently emerged that they were not very Native American at all less still part of the Warren family archive and, in fact, came from a plush restaurant she frequented. So then folks started pushing her on her claimed Indian heritage.

Eventually, by now in Congress, her staff managed to find a great great great grandmother who was designated as Cherokee in the online transcription of a marriage application of 1894. Great. So Warren was 1/32nd Native American and 31/32 white but she is still according to Harvard Law School a woman of color and according to the Dems a "Native American"

Unfortunately, the actual original marriage license does not list Great-Great-Great-Grandma as Cherokee at all so it now looks as if Ms Warren is in fact 32/32 white. Did you know I was 1/64th Swiss - can I claim any special exemptions if I go to Switzerland and claim my birthrights as being as Swiss as cuckoo clocks, alpine ski-ing and stashing gold stolen by the Nazis from Jews they had murdered? Have I told you about the old family recipe for Bűndnernusstorte passed down from my great, great great great Grandmother? Is there a compilation cook book I can submit it to as I reclaim my heritage? Of course not, my claim to be Swiss would be ridiculed. And as such for Trump to laugh at Warren's claim to be a Native American by calling her Pocohontas when she is, at the very best, 1/32 Native American but almost certainly, just like Frosty the Snowman, that is to say 100% white, seems perfectly fair.

It is not a racial slur on the Native Americans but a legitimate jibe at a woman who has played the race card to perfection to advance her own career in a way that will distract attention from the real issues Native Americans face. It is not a bad joke nickname but we all know that those on the left have no sense of humour at all and also a bit of a problem with real facts.

But its worse than that. By failing to put Trump's comments into their true context, the Guardian serves up what can only be seen as fake news. The article will confirm all the prejudices of its diminishing band of readers about the leader of the free world but it is one that is profoundly misleading.

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