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National Hug Your Cat Day

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 5 June 2012

Just a brief note that apparently today is National Hug Your Cat day. Sadly I am down to two cats as part of my move from the Isle of man back to Oxford. Hayek and Keynes had to go back to the MSPCA – so I hope they are being hugged by someone else today.

But my older two (Tara and Oakley) are so old that no-one would adopt them and are thus now in Oxford adjusting to living in a house with two dogs (Dallas and Patch) – as well as the preserved ashes of Kitosh which sit in the garden. Tara is already leader of the pack – both dogs are terrified of her. Oakley ( aka Fat Cat) is rather less bold and spends disproportionate amounts of time under the cooker or in the next door neighbour’s garden. I doubt that the dogs will be offering up hugs to either cat today but I have already.

June is also Cat Adoption Month. I think it unlikely that I shall be allowed to adopt a third. It has been agreed that this house contains more than the optimal number of animals and thus that as any member of the menagerie heads off to a better place, he or she will not be replaced. Dog walking is good for the figure and Dallas and Patch are loveable (bar their harassment of Fat Cat) but I shall always be a cat person not a dog lover.

On that matter, Political Trivial Pursuit – In which election did a candidate stand for the Dog Lovers’ Party, who was he & what was the name of the dog in question? Tweet in any guesses. Free Master Investor CD for the first completely correct answer.

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