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My taxes to go Welsh 7 year olds on Brexit

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- Tom Winnifrith

My late ex father in law Iwan was consistently damning about the Assembly, which governs the Wales he loved with such fervour. He was a man who had grafted away all his life as builder and developer, risking his capital and working bloody hard to make a decent living for his family and along the way paying vast amounts of tax.

In the Welsh Assembly he saw a bunch of wastrels even less talented than the poltroons at Westminster. But like the folks at Westminster almost no assembly members had ever been an entrepreneur or run a business, they were folks who has spent a lifetime sucking at the nipples of the state and so who felt no qualms about voting for more money to be spent knowing that folks like Ewan and myself would be picking up the tab.

And so we know discover that the Welsh Assembly is to consult 7-11 year olds on Brexit. Where to start? In 7 years time some of those might vote and then there views count right now they do not. We have a voting age for a reason. Moreover even if the thoughts of seven year old taffies on Brexit did matter, which they don't, what is the Welsh Assembly going to do about it? It has no say in the process of Brexit.

This is a totally pointless exercise which will cost money. No doubt those who have organised it also bleat on about austerity and the need to pay greedy doctors and greedy and lazy teachers even more. I suspect that had they spent even a short while risking their capital or working in the productive sector of the economy, seeing job cuts forced by economic downturn or by additional costs imposed by Government, they might think differently.

But that will not happen. The political class across all parties is now comprised of money tree believers.


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