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Nasim Aghdan the Youtube shootings, censorship and the gnashing of liberal teeth

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 4 April 2018

As the news broke the liberal media started salivating. Another shooting in the US, another chance to bash the gun loving freaks at the NRA and POTUS. They have blood on their hands again don't they? If they weren't such a Godless bunch., the MSM would have been praying that it was some right wing gun owning NRA freak shooting Youtube workers for banning a Katie Hopkins video. Heck, liberals are hypocrites, so they probably prayed anyway.

Then word seeped out. It was a woman. Worse still she was of Iranian heritage and indeed had boasted of being in the Iranian army. Dumb journalists reluctantly started to mention that she was of Arab descent although, of course, Iranians are not actually Arabs. But we live in a post fact era so who cares?

It got worse she, like all the liberal media, was heavily into animal rights albeit at the extreme wing of the movement, PETA. So someone who is in two of the camps liberals don't want to offend and refuse to call out on various issues, that is to say an immigrant of Mid Eastern origin and an animal rights nutter was the culprit. Maybe God does not answer the prayers of those who don't believe?

It seems that Nasim Aghdan who manged to kill only one person, that is to say herself, was in fact protesting against Youtube censoring certain video content. She thought she was a performer but her work which survives is incredibly bad, not funny, nor original, just the fantasies of fame and artistic talent from someone from a society which tells its youth that anyone can be a star. Irony of all ironies Youtube has now censored her completely by removing all of Nasim's content but not before evil right wingers downloaded some of it and started to expose the shooter for the nutjob that she was.

Anyone watching what has escaped the censor could only conclude that this woman was a 100% fruitcake with some very strange views indeed. What is achieved by denying the rest of us the right to see that for ourselves? Meanwhile given that it was the "wrong sort of killer" the censorship of Youtube will allow its buddies in the MSM to bury this story as quickly as possible and start praying that the next shooting is by an uneducated white, male NRA member from Alabama wearing a MAGA cap and with Dixie flags hanging on his bedroom wall. That story could be recycled for weeks on end.

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