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The frigging Google Puritans are also rank hypocrites – please burn in hell (part 2)

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 9 November 2012

I detailed yesterday how the Google Puritans ranked this site as having adult content for reasons that I simply could not understand. As a result Google will not act as a reseller allowing advertisers who use its near monopolistic services to stick a banner on – I must rely on the support of independent companies who act away from the Puritans of Google to survive. And two such enterprises have already been in contact in the past 24 hours. But the hypocrisy of the utter tossers at Google got better overnight.

I use Google analytics to track how many of you are reading this blog. Since you ask, yesterday was a record day and this has been yet another record week. Thank you for reading. I take some pleasure knowing that traffic this week will be c10 times what it was in June, our second month of operation. I also know the traffic metrics of all the sites run by my former employer and my grin this morning is a very wide one indeed. But back to the puritans…

Google congratulates me on my traffic and ask if I want to add to it by advertising with them? So let me get this straight: Google will not allow its customers to advertise on my website because I do the odd bit of swear-blogging and show the odd picture of Britain’s No 1 chanteuse Ms Cheryl Cole in a very partial state of undress (see HERE.) but is quite happy to take my money for advertising this site (which it deems to be an adult one) elsewhere. What a bunch of fucking hypocrites.

Oddly I shall be declining this kind offer from the Puritans/rank hypocrites at Google. They shall not get a cent from me. And I continue to hope that they burn in hell.

Meanwhile thank you again for continuing to read. Feel free to spread the word about this blog and to link in to the site. Your support is much appreciated.

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