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Things I won't be doing dear reader: running for office in Texas & going to Belize on a snake tour ( or at all)

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 28 May 2018

A kind reader in the land of the free emails with praise about my article on the Irish murder referendum HERE and makes a couple of suggestions. The first is that i should move to Texas and run for office.

Sadly I must decline that, as the Mrs says that the only red state we are allowed to visit, let alone reside in, is Tennessee where she is hoping to bump into Deacon Claybourne and pay homage to Nashville. So I guess that career option is out. Texas has, of course, produced the finest politician in US history, the saintly libertarian Doctor Ron Paul and it is a fine place full of God fearing, gun owning, hard working decent folks, but I must say no.

And so it is suggested that I join my reader on a trip to Belize to see real snakes. I should say that visiting Belize was never on my bucket list anyway. But having been provided with the details of the poisonous snakes that live there by my dear reader, here, is is definitely not a place that I will be heading to.

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