I don't know whether to laugh or cry at pathetic London Mayor Sadiq Khan - now cycling is deemed racist

Tom Winnifrith Tuesday 29 May 2018


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Surigng knife crime, a housing crisis, the list of London's problems goes on and on but its truly useless Mayor Sadiq Khan is focussing on the big issues like tackling tweets from Katie Hopkins and today proclaiming that cycling is racist. He is not talking of the cheats in the tour de drugs but of those folks who get on their Boris bike every day.

Will Norman, appointed by Khan as his cycling Czar, has today published a new study showing that only 15% of rides made in the capital are by BME citizens. He has vowed to take action to address this real issue. As Norman Tebbit used to say to the workshy "Get on your bike".

Whether we choose to cycle, walk, catch a bus, the tube or drive is our choice as citizens. It is not the role of Government - perennially bleating on about its lack of funds - to tell us how to travel or to ensure that BME folks use bikes as often as whites. I laugh because this is just so comical and silly. I cry because folks like Will Norman and Khan think that it is their right to extract more cash from hard working citizens to pay for crap like this.

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