My first training walk for Woodlarks completed - don't laugh 5 miles is okay says Brian

Tom Winnifrith Tuesday 5 June 2018


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In just under two months I shall be doing a 30 mile walk for the excellent Woodlarks Charity with my friend the blogger and former bank robber Brokerman Dan. Dan is rather fitter than I am and keeps tweeting messages about how he is just popping out for a quick 10 mile training yomp. I do not know if he is just trying to spook me or if he is serious but I have a horrible feeling that it is the latter.

Anyhow I did my first training walk just now. Don't laugh. Five miles. My advisor is the veteran hack turned PR guru Brian Basham who aged 74 years and nine months completed this year's London Marathon and so knows what he is talking about. Brian advises starting modestly - which I am. But building up steadily so that by two weeks before the big walk I am doing 20 miles with comfort. I must only do walks once every two days and my big one should be a weekend stroll.

So far so good. It was glorious to walk alongside the Avon just now. Dan may laugh at my pitifully modest start but I was comfortable with it and maintained a steady 3 miles an hour pace with ease.

I shall do the same again, but pushing Joshua as a bonus, on Thursday before finding a 7.5 mile walk to do on Saturday.
So far Dan and I have raised more than £5,000. Our target is £20,000 which will make a massive difference to a small and unfashionable charity. I am sure you can spare a tenner, please to donate HERE

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