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Guilty Confession: I watched I’m a Celebrity (again) – Nadine is winning friends

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 14 November 2012

I am going away today to a place without a TV in case I get hooked but I admit that I watched I’m a Celebrity once again yesterday. And I watched the whole show. I cannot offer an excuse but I offer the observation that Nadine Dorries MP is winning friends and the posh boy Old Etonians (David Cameron and Sir George Young) who suspended her from the Tories are looking increasingly silly. What will they do if she wins?

Yesterday Nadine found herself up against the wimpish airhead actress from Coronation Street in a contest eating such horrors as a rotten egg, a piece of camel foot and a kangaroo testicle. Nadine showed compassion to the airhead but determination to win. And win she did. She also told a few decent self-deprecating jokes. She is winning friends.

Today she appears in all the papers in a swimsuit. Okay, she is no Cheryl Cole but as politicians go she is a bit of a winner. Okay, there is a very low bar there. Ant or Dec ( I still do not know which is which) got in a good one-liner about Nadine claiming the kangaroo testicle on expenses but their jokes seem now to be more at the expense of Cameron than Mad Nad. That is the way the zeitgeist is drifting.

Who did the public vote to undertake the next revolting trial? At the start of the show it would have been Nadine – everyone hates all MPs. But it was the airhead. Nadine is not the most disliked of the celebrities in town. Folks are warming to her.

Some terribly annoying posh bloke burst into tears after being beaten in a contest involving thinking by boxer David Haye. So much for brain damage and boxing, Haye is easily the most cerebral celeb in the camp. Okay, competition is not stiff. As for the posh bloke, I am yet to discover what purpose he serves on this planet and why he is a celeb. I can only assume that he is a pal of David Cameron and Sir George. I do not warm to him.

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