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Swiss cheese - the multiple holes in the Christine Blasey Ford evidence - bad news for Kavanaugh haters with #TrumpDerangementSyndrome

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 1 October 2018

I had thought that Rachel Mitchell, the lawyer brought in by Senate Republicans to quiz Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford was a total waste of space. I take it all back. She has just posted to the Senate her view, as a prosecutor specialising in sex attacks, of the "evidence" offered by by Dr Ford. I had suggested that Ford's statements had more holes than Swiss Cheese. I was being generous. Mitchell tears her evidence to shreds as you can see below,

Those who, whipped up by a toxic combination of #Metoo and TrumpDerangementSyndrome, to proclaim that the woman must always be believed (unless she is Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, Monica Lewinsky, etc, etc) to asset that Brett Kavanaugh was presumed guilty unless proved innocent should read this and apologise. There may be new evidence which changes that but as things stand the good judge should be appointed to the Supreme Court at once. And those who started this witch hunt, notably Democrat senator Dianne Frankenstein, need to grovel. 

The American people will give their own verdict on this obscene witch hunt instigated by the morally bankrupt Democrats in the mid terms. Bring it on.

Now will the liberal media, the BBC, Channel 4 "fake" news and the rest bother to report this? Don't hold your breath...



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