Monday February 18, 2019
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The rank hypocrisy of the liberal left as they shout #Metoo and buy $745 tickets to meet a rapist and his enabler: the Clintons

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- Tom Winnifrith

In the fury of the recent affair Kavanaugh time and time again we were told “she must be believed”. After years of – undoubted – injustice the woman must be assumed to be telling the truth unless proven otherwise when it came to sexual harassment and rape.  Thankfully this distortion of justice was not allowed to win the day and Brett Kavanaugh starts work today on the Supreme Court. Among those making the case of a presumption of guilt was, without irony, Hillary Clinton.

Hillary repeated disparaged those women such as Paula Jones ( trailer park trash), Monica Lewinsky (slut), Juanita Broaddrick, and the list goes on and on, who accused her husband of assault or rape.  They were not heard. More double standards for tea Mrs First Lady?

Now the alleged rapist and his enabler are doing yet another tour.  No longer able to earn millions via "pay to play", the Clintons are instead offering folks the chance to hear their wisdom in a 16 City tour where folks can pay up to $745 for a ticket.  I guess the poor folks from the ghettos are not invited, after all Bill & the wicked witch only ever go see them to show they care at Election time.

Yet thousands of liberals who just last week were screeching for the blood of Kavanaugh and insisting that he face a minimum of career ruin despite the lack of any tangible evidence, are now booking in to see the Bill and Hillary show. The greed of the Clintons is legendary. It is matched by the hypocrisy of the well heeled affluent liberal elite in America today.


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