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Just how stupid does Theresa May and the Conservative Party think we are?

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 18 November 2018

The most wretched Prime Minister in the history of Britain continues to tour the TV and Radio studios to tell people that her deal gives Britain the Brexit we voted for.  Of course, that is a lie. We know it. She knows it. Everyone knows it. Her deal leaves the UK paying £39 billion to be governed by laws and regulations set by a body where we have no control.  It is indeed taxation without representation. Mrs May is playing George III and we know how it worked out for him.

But she insists it is a good deal for Britain and her servants in the MSM depict anyone who disagrees as some sort of extremist head-banger. Her servants insult a great many folks who were, in the past, diehard Tory voters and those folks know full well that this deal is a very bad deal indeed.

If insulting the intelligence of your core voters was an Olympic Sport, team Tory would right now be heading for a gold medal.  Loyalist MP Rory Stewart, a man who will be in the final redoubt, confidently asserted that 80% of people support the May deal.  There is no polling data to back that up, indeed there is a lot of data showing that more than 80% of folks don’t back the deal. But Stewart seems to assume that if you lie brazenly enough you may be believed.  Rory – we Tories are not that stupid.

And then we have the tweet below from Redditch MP Rachel Maclean.


Held my constituency surgery this morning. Picked up a few new @Conservatives party members on the basis of the PM proposed agreement. We must all remember that in the country the vast majority of people have a huge admiration for PM’s guts and determination to battle on.


If you look at the responses to this obvious lie you will see not one voice raised to support it just hundreds of folks responding with anger and derision. And those were, until recently, the Party’s most loyal supporters. 

Right now, with their worst leader in history, Labour is 3% ahead in the polls.

If there was an election tomorrow Labour would be in power either with an outright majority or as part of a hard-left coalition of chaos with the SNP and others. A surge in the UKIP vote, anti Tories coalescing around Labour and the general uselessness of Mrs May’s party would see Redditch go red. I shall stay up for that one.

Many of us lent Mrs May our votes last time because she would deliver Brexit.  She and her party just do not seem to grasp just how betrayed we feel and how angry. If the Tories stick with Mrs May and her strategy of insulting her core supporters, that anger and sense of betrayal will grow and the poll gap will widen.  However awful Corbyn is, and he is indeed a dreadful prospect, I cannot see how I for one can possibly vote for a Tory Party led by May or one of her loyalists ever again. And I am not alone.

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