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Hamas and Israel Not Morally Equivalent – the wretched bias of the BBC and others

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 18 November 2012

On this website some posters who I respect greatly have suggested that Hamas and Israel are morally equivalent. That is, I think naive. Others like the BBC pretend that Israel is the “guilty party” which is just wicked. Let us be clear about is there are a number of clear differences between the actions and motives of the two sides.

1. Israel is committed to a two state solution. Hamas is committed to a final solution. A one state solution not involving Israel. Its charter states as much. Its leaders talk openly of sweeping the pesky Jews into the sea.

2. Israel fires rockets from clearly identified and isolated military positions (usually the sky) targeting military figures in order to protect its civilians. Hamas fires rockets targeting, in an utterly indiscriminant sense, Israeli civilians and using its own civilians as military shields.

3. Israel sends 200 tonnes of civilian aid to Gaza each month. Hamas sends no aid to Israel.

4. Hamas (which runs Gaza) consistently sends 200 rockets targeting Israeli civilians month on month. Israel only sends rockets back in response to eliminate those firing rockets. Weeks can go by with Israel sending no rockets over at all.

5. When you see a picture of a dead Israeli civilian killed by a rocket it is a dead Israeli civilian killed by a rocket. When you see a dead or injured Gazan killed or injured by a rocket it may well be a recycled dead or injured Syrian or indeed an utter fake.

Is that enough differences for now? That will do for starters. Why do the left in Britain, notably the BBC and the Guardian, hate the Israelis, the Jewish state, so openly? That is, regrettably, all too obvious.

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