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Brexit, Despair and Betrayal

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 2 March 2019

This article first appeared in my weekend Tomograph newsletter but I got such a big response I thought I'd reproduce it for a wider audience.  To sign up to that free weekly newsletter click HERE.

As you might have gathered, I voted for Brexit. So too did my wife, a card carrying lifelong member of the Labour Party.  And at the start of the process I had some faith that the political class would, as they promised, deliver on the result. But it is now clear that together with the media establishment, the  Civil Service elites, big business and academia there has been a deliberate, and I fear, successful attempt to block the will of the people.

First they insulted us, My wife, who is of Indian origin, has not dared to ‘fess up to her friends (academics) that she voted to leave. For in such circles describing leavers as stupid or racist is just a given, it is routine and unchallenged. And the insults include the suggestion that we the 52% did not know what we were voting for so would need to vote again. Perhaps if the remainers in charge of Brexit, the loathsome Mrs May and her henchman Olly Robbins, made enough of a mess of the process (which they have duly done) we would realise it was better to stay in.

All the time our leaders have insisted that they respect the vote. And that No deal is better than a bad deal. Except they were lying.  I am now resigned to the elites winning and the will of the people being denied. I did think that I would get angry, grab a yellow jacket and go protest. But I shall not. I just give up.

Among the elites voting on this farce is a woman, the Labour MP for Peterborough who has spent just a few weeks in prison for perverting the course of justice and who now wears an ankle tag. This lying criminal earns £77,000 a year plus expenses and gets to decide my future? My despair grows.

Britain is rotting from the head down. Like more and more of my fellow citizens, I despair at the greed , the mendacity and the patronising sense of superiority at once respected institutions such as Parliament or the BBC and am revolted that they are funded by me, the hard working taxpayer. Why the bloody hell should I pay £77,000 a year for a convicted criminal MP or £15,000 a week for Fiona bloody Bruce to host Question Time, a platform for more of the elitists to patronise me?

In politics, business, the media corruption is just a way of life in 2019. Academics teach a curriculum which would make Orwell proud. On every sort of issue it is them (the elite) versus us. Returning ISIS brides – 99% of the population say no but the elites know better. Transgender sex education for 4 year olds? No-one in their right minds supports this but the elites know better and anyone who dares speak out is a bigot. Over in the US the same liberal elites are forcing through rules allowing abortion up to birth. Naturally nearly everyone else thinks this is an abomination but we the people are powerless.

I can’t see any way that I can change that so, I suspect like m any, my reaction is just to turn off the TV, to pay as little tax a possible and to pretend it is not happening. I give up on this country and, indeed, on the West in general.

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Tom Winnifrith is the editor of When he is not harvesting olives in Greece, he is (planning to) raise goats in Wales.
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