San Francisco honours IRA butcher Martin McGuinness for his war record – a crazy cause too far

Tom Winnifrith Monday 11 March 2019


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The City Hall in San Francisco is a bastion of political correctness, backing every “woke” cause going  Whatever… it is the taxes of San Franciscans which pays for it all so not my battle. But its latest initiative is just so utterly offensive, it is a step too far.

The City Hall has honoured the late, and unlamented, Martin McGuinness not for his work on the Good Friday Peace agreement but for his “courageous service in the military.” That is to say as an active member and then commander of the (sic) Derry Brigade of the IRA.

The IRA killed more than 3,700 folks during the Troubles. Some were soldiers or RUC officers but many were just ordinary men, women and children.  There were the Protestants burned out of border villages as the IRA engaged in wholesale ethnic cleansing, the six month old blown to bits, grandfathers, grandmothers sent to an early grave, the preacher, the medics, the list goes on and there were thousands left scarred and injured by bombs planted by evil Martin and his colleagues.

Be in no doubt that McGuinness was an active participant in IRA activities. His soul will surely be burning in hell as a result. What are the officials in San Francisco thinking? Do they really honour an organisation that killed women, children, babies and which engaged in ethnic cleansing? Really? San Francisco City Hall is staffed either by the ignorant or the evil. If it is the former they will rescind this honour, if the latter they will not.

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