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Pallywood and the bloodied Palestinian Baby – You could not make it up

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 21 November 2012

The Pallywood lies get better by the second. For today, lets go to Canada where the “Palestinian Association of Hamilton” (Ontario) held a rally to protest against the vile Israeli violence rained down on the peace loving people of Gaza. In order to attract supporters they sent out a flyer showing a picture of an innocent little Gazan kid covered in blood after the fucking Jews bombed his family home. You could cry. It was so touching.

The blurb on the flyer stated “ Israel has launched another offensive against the people of Gaza. In 2009 during “Operation Cast Lead” the Israelis killed more than 1400 Palestinian civilians of which a third were children. They appear determined on replicating that brutality.

Naturally the deluded lefties of the Western press gave the rally widespread coverage buying the line about a one sided conflict.

Unfortunately, it has now emerged that “the innocent Palestinian baby” in is fact an innocent Israeli baby bloodily injured by Palestinian rockets in the Hamas attack on Kiryat Malachi.

Whoops a daisy. No apologies from the media that covered this lie. But it gets better still. Far, far better.

Confronted with this, er…blood libel the Palestinian Association of Hamilton knows who is to blame for their lie. It is all the fault of the fucking Jews anyway. Natch. In an official statement the Hamas lovers opine:

What does it matter whether the baby is Israeli or Palestinian? She was injured and perhaps died as a result of the overwhelming arrogance of Israeli PM Netanyahu who cynically wages war against defenceless Gazans to distract Israeli voters from their protests against austerity measures because he wants to be re-elected, who keeps the Gazans living in the world’s largest prison camp under siege, and who refuses to respect truces with Hamas.


The truces with Hamas, er… like the one that sees 200 rockets fired from Gaza each and every month and has done for a decade which the Israelis respond to by sending in 200 tonnes of aid each and every month? Yes that truce.

Unbelievably that aid continues. With 1 million Israelis now sleeping in bomb shelters – as they have been for the past month – well before the wicked fucking Jews had enough and tried to take out the rocket launchers and terror cells – the bloody Jews are still trying to send in aid ( as so widely reported by the BBC, The Guardian, etc. Not). There were 120 trucks waiting at the border 24 hours ago. The trouble is they cannot not get through as Hamas was firing at them.

I bet that is Bibi Netanyahu’s fault too. Fucking Jew.

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