Trapped in Warwickshire by Global Warming

Tom Winnifrith Thursday 22 November 2012


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Remember a few years ago when the BBC and the newspapers were full of pictures of dry riverbeds across England? It was all down to global warming and was a foretaste of what was to come. Yup. Having come up to Warwickshire on unexpected family business I was this morning keen to make my escape to Bristol by train. But arriving at Moreton in the Marsh station I was told that flooding meant there were no trains from Worcester to Bristol or Swindon to Bristol.

As I waited for a lift back home, having missed the 10.45 to Worcester, a little man ran out and said that actually there were some trains. His computer was wrong and he had made phone calls. I could “chance my arm” and head off to Worcester but he could not guarantee that I would in fact get past Gloucester. More rain is on the way.

No offence to Gloucester which is, I am sure, a very nice place but the idea of spending 24 hours at its railway station while the waters subside does not float my boat. Or my ark.

And so I am back with my family of deluded lefties in Shipston. Of course they know the problem. The rain is all down to man made climate change. I am sure Thatcher has something to do with it as well. Another 24 hours in Guardian reading la la land beckons.

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