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Greta Thunberg and the Emperor’s new clothes

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 20 August 2019

Project Greta Thunberg is a fraud. I do not blame the poor 16 year old Swedish girl who predicts that we have just months to save the planet from irreversible global warming, for she is quite obviously very unwell and also being manipulated. She is part of a fraud but right now the great and the good simply sit back and bask in the glory of the liberal media as they admire Emperor Greta’s new, planet friendly, clothes.

Aged 12 Greta had a total breakdown involving massive eating disorders. In other countries she would have been institutionalised. Instead this vulnerable child was encouraged by her rich celeb parents in her beliefs such as she can see carbon emissions. She cannot. That is a fact. But she states it and no-one dares say no, silly young lady, you cannot.

She ignores facts about actual climate change (the world is now in a cooling cycle), about ice thickness ( at multi year record levels at the North Pole), about the fact that all the computer models from the ‘90s on which this bogus religion is based have been shown to be wrong. Anyone who questions her core belief is simply told they want the planet to burn.

And the great and the good lap it up. Mrs May & Comrade Corbyn fawned upon her as have other world leaders. The only exception is President Trump as Greta refuses to meet the most powerful man in the world as it would be “a waste of my time”. The arrogance fuelled by the fawning of other leaders and the failure of the media to put her on the spot is startling.

Right now Greta is sailing on an “eco-friendly” yacht to a green conference in the USA to show how Green she is. Okay the yacht took 14 more times carbon than a normal yacht to build. A crew of five will have to be flown to the US to bring it back home and there are questions unanswered about how Greta will get home. The BBC probably expects her to walk on water. The rest of us know that she will fly. The whole thing is a PR stunt that does not stack up. Yet the media and the political classes do not question, they come only to praise.

But then again it is poor folk in the West who lose their jobs and suffer an income squeeze thanks to the green taxes that Greta and the liberal elite demand. The political elite and the media classes are not affected. Instead they themselves seem more and more ridiculous as they praise the fraud that is project Greta, for they dare not do anything else.

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