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EU leaders knock back £120 a bottle Chateau Angelus Premier Grand Cru wine but cannot save money?

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 24 November 2012

EU Leaders held a crisis summit last week to try to agree a budget. Our own David Cameron was told that there was no way that the Evil Empire can save money. We all know that this is utter bollocks. It is the little things that give it away.

At the summit the leaders were offered as a drink Chateau Angelus Premier Grand Cru. It is red Bordeaux and a bottle of 1992 (not the greatest year) costs £120 a pop. The Evil Empire is no doubt congratulating itself on its restraint in not serving the 1982 vintage which costs £220 a pop.

With waste it is the little things that give away the attitude of the wider organisation. Does a CEO doodle on used envelopes or on expensive embossed headed notepaper? One shows a keen respect for cost, the other shows that someone cares not a jot about spending other folks cash. The EU wine menu says it all. I would recommended a nice ChapelDown Pinot Noir from Kent which can be bought at a trade price of sub £10 a bottle for the next summit.

That the world’s largest donor of foreign aid, an employer of 40,000 people in Brussels, an organisation that spends 60 billion a year subsiding uneconomic lifestyle farmers in a continent with too much food thinks it needs to spend more is patently ludicrous. The decadence of the crisis summit says it all.

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