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Simon Reeve & the Caribbean – more BBC bias on global warming fake news

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 11 January 2020

I noted yesterday how the second show in Simon Reeve’s BBC jaunt around the Caribbean had airbrushed history to create a civil war where only right wing corporate funded militias did bad things. The programme ended with the presenter meeting a very short race of indigenous people in Colombia.

These folks still lived in mud huts and were at one with nature. They noted how the modern world was polluting rivers etc which I cannot argue with. This is environmental vandalism and something we should devote resource to stopping. But they went on to claim that modern man was changing the temperature. Reeve asserted that since these folks lived in a natural world this was proof of man made global warming.

Really? These folks have as much scientific, school based, education as Greta Thunberg. In fact they are some of the few people on the planet who have been taught less than the terribly ill Swedish girl who says that she can see carbon emissions.

Folks like me do not deny that the temperature of the planet is changing. It has always changed. We in the West have developed scientific techniques that allow us to know, as fact, for instance that the world was much cooler in the Dark Ages and much warmer in the Medieval Warm Period. So we know that changes do occur without any meaningful interference from man.

With no written history at all, Reeve’s pals in Colombia have no knowledge of temperatures in 1300 AD or 700 AD or for that matter during the Maunder Minimum ( 1645-1715) or the Dalton Minimum (1790-1830). They have no knowledge of glacial advances in those period or retreats in the intervening years or of solar sun spot activity at that time or now.

In short, they are almost the least qualified folks on this planet to comment on the causes of global warming or cooling. Yet for Reeve and the BBC who venerate folks like Saint Greta this is just more evidence to back up their fact free religion.

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