I really will struggle to do 33.3 miles but Woodlarks must get £48,000 -please donate today

Tom Winnifrith Friday 22 May 2020


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Because of the wholly unnecessary Coronavirus lockdown there is no mass Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks walk as planned on June 13. Instead I shall walk alone for 33.3 miles around the three biggest fields here at the Welsh Hovel.  And having done little training I am not in great shape – I am going to struggle. But I MUST finish as Woodlarks needs £48,000 just to survive so please do sponsor me HERE.As a reminder…

Woodlarks is a unique place offering a one-off holiday experience for folks so disabled that there is nowhere else they can go. It really is an amazing place and is run on a shoestring by the heroic Nick Richards.

Covid 19 means no camps this year which means that the little income the site generates has gone. But it still has some maintenance costs and a bit of capital spend that it had committed to. The bottom line is that if Woodlarks is to re-open next year at all, if it is to survive, we need to raise £48,000

I have donated £1,000 and will give more. I don’t ask for that much as I know times are rough but every donation helps. As of today we are at just over 25% of the target needed to ensure the very survival of Woodlarks.

My first big training walk & the measurement of the track here in North Wales is tomorrow.  Please, ahead of that walk make a donation HERE

In advance, I thank you,




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