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Today’s utterly barking left academic you fund to poison impressionable young minds – Dalia Gabriel

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 23 August 2020

Hashem Abedi, the man who blew 22 men, women but mainly children to bits and maimed many others at a pop concert in Manchester, has been sentenced to 55 years in jail. Two and a half years per life seems remarkably lenient to me. But it seems some disagree. For to be a “progressive”, one cannot be on the side of the blown-up little girls but one must see Abedi as the real victim, a man given far too long a sentence. Meet Dalia Gabriel.

She appeared on Sky TV to discuss the case and opined “I’m interested to see how the judge was able to give such an unusually long sentence.” Hmmm, maybe it was because he blew up a stack of kids and their parents at a pop concert? Who on earth could suggest sympathy for this evil ISIS bomber? Natch it is an academic from one of our leading universities. Only Britain’s Marxist madness could produce someone so stupid.

I bring you her webpage from the LSE where she is doing a PhD. She appears to have spent a lifetime studying with her only forays into the “real world” writing a few articles for the deadwood press. And newspapers wonder why their readership is tanking!

So in other words, it is you dear taxpayer who has funded the creation of this creature whose CV reads:

Expertise: Digital labour, Platform studies, Racial capitalism, Gender and labour

About me

Dalia is an ESRC funded PhD candidate, working on race and gender in the platform economy. She plans on conducting her field work in London, where she will be looking at the impact of platformisation on workers in transport, domestic work and sex work. Specifically, she will analyse how platformisation as a process intersects with racialised and gendered histories of labours in these sectors.

She completed her MSc in LSE Geography, after having studied English Literature at Warwick and Oxford Universities. During her studies, she has worked on a range of topics, from Lebanese diaspora fiction, to the construction of particular kinds of cultural infrastructure in the Gulf. Between degrees, she has worked as a journalist and at the grassroots NGO, People & Planet. She currently sits on the board of Historical Materialism journal, and publishes work in several outlets such as The Times, The Guardian and The Telegraph. She also makes occasional appearances as a commentator on a range of outlets, including Sky News, BBC and LBC.

Alongside her academic work, Dalia is involved in campaigning work around issues such as immigrant rights, workers’ rights and climate justice. She has also recently contributed to and co-edited a volume on Decolonising the University with Gurminder Bhambra and Kerem Nisancioglu.


I am not sure what is most depressing: the idea that as a taxpayer I fund this creature to do her utterly pointless work, the idea that she might be filling the heads of impressionable young people with such utter junk, or the idea that the mainstream media might offer a platform to someone with such an abhorrent view on the Manchester monster.

I don’t believe in state-organised execution (whether of criminals or foetuses) but if I did, Mr Abedi would be at the front of the queue. I cannot understand how anyone could consider his current sentence lenient. He ended 22 lives and ruined so many more. Why should he ever be allowed to enjoy freedom again? This is a man who should die in jail.

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