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Joe Biden wants to rip up the constitution as Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg dies – watch what the liberal media does next!

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 19 September 2020

The constitution is clear. If a Supreme Court Justice dies, the sitting President nominates a replacement who must be ratified by the sitting Senate which right now means a Republican President and Republican majority in the Senate.  But guess what, creepy Joe Biden appears to think that the US Constitution does not matter. Anyone thinking of voting for this senile old coot should be alarmed.

Justice Ginsburg has been in a bad state for a while and it is amazing that she lasted as long as she did. She should have stepped aside as she was not fit to work a while back but did not as she very much hoped that her replacement would be nominated by a Democrat. That might seem crazy but she was entitled to act in this way and so, as we conservatives would support someone following the Constitution, we can have no gripes.

The Supreme Court has nine members and until today was split 5-4 in favour of conservative Judges. Well sort of. On some matters, I fear that Brett Kavanaugh is not actually conservative enough so on the big issues: murdering foetuses, the right to carry guns and the “rights” of illegals, we conservative might get a few decisions against us. Certainly there is no chance of a repeal of Roe vs Wade. But at 6-3 things might change.

My hope is that President Trump nominates a woman and a person of colour to the Court so that when the Democrats, as they are almost programmed to do, start shouting that his nominee is a sexist racist who must be a wannabee rapist because of some woman whose story has more holes in it than your kitchen sieve, the nominee can just smile and laugh. Go on Donald, nominate Candace Owens, go for it…

Anyhow, Joe Biden thinks that because an election is less than two months away, Trump should allow the next President and Senate to handle the process and has tweeted out his demand accordingly. Constitutional lawyer former President Barack Obama has tweeted a similar suggestion today on the basis that Ginsburg made a death bed suggestion that her replacement be nominated by the next President.  Hell’s teeth, you would have thought that a Supreme Court justice would have known that you can’t change the constitution on that basis!

Of course what Barack, Biden and the late Justice Ginsburg propose has no basis at all in the constitution but what the hell?  You can bet the ranch that liberal fake news media like CNN, the BBC and Channel 4 will be reporting that Trump’s refusal to consider Ginsburg’s request and the liberal pile on that followed is “controversial” or “causing real anger”. They will use that anger from folks who should understand what the rule of law means, even if it does not suit them, to try and score points against Trump in the run up to polling when in fact what Trump is doing is constitutional and what Biden proposes is not!

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