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Nobody’s Kingdom the last book by the late Dr TJ Winnifrith published today

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 26 November 2020

As I recounted in my non eulogy eulogy my father published around 20 books on subjects ranging from the Brontes, George Orwell, the philosophy of leisure, Greece old and new and the Vlachs.  One of the highlights of the last weeks of his life was the first copy of his last book arriving in Shipston. That book is published today.

Nobody’s Kingdom, a History of Northern Albania is what it says on the cover and compliments Badlands Borderlands, an earlier work on the history of Southern Albania and Northern Epirus. My father being my father, this work will be scholarly but also will flow well and should contain a few jokes. I am yet to read it as my copy is on the kitchen table in Shipston awaiting collection.

My father loved Albania. He first went there when it was under the hard line Communist rule of Enver Hoxha in the 1970s. Entry was difficult and at the border folks with long hair were made to have a hair cut. Those wearing flares had to go to buy less decadent trousers. The small party of academics were monitored wherever they went. Later on, as I have discovered myself, Albania became a free society and for Dad’s 60th birthday he returned there with some of the party from the 1970s and , as then, played a cricket match with a tennis ball and tennis racket to celebrate.

Some of you may be aware that the cricketer and footballer CB Fry was believed to have been offered the throne of Albania, but I digress.

Should you wish to purchase the book, be reassured that I shall receive none of the proceeds. My siblings have decided that any monies coming in from Dad’s literary estate will go to Shipston Home Nursing – a good cause. The book can be snapped up for £17.39 HERE


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