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Tom Winnifrith Thursday 3 December 2020


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It is not the classical painting from last year; it is a very modern offering but of two traditional scenes. 

On the left is the nativity, the real reason we are actually celebrating Christmas, however much the Godless liberals of the media elites try to pretend otherwise. On the right, a Victorian Christmas scene from the days before global warming when kids actually used to see snow. Oh yes, it is going to snow today, what an inconvenient truth. Maybe our main Christmas present for Joshua, a wooden sledge, was not complete howling in the wind after all?

Behind each window is a part of the Christmas tale, the one from two of the gospels. The first two days have seen Joshua learn that Mary lived in Nazareth and that Joseph was a carpenter. I wonder what percentage of the under 30s would be able to say where Mary lived. If this was Family Fortunes then my guess is that the top two answers would be Bethlehem and Palestine. I dread to think what other answers would be served up. Anyhow, Joshua – at 4 – is now ahead of, I suspect, most of the under 30s on that one.

There are no chocolates in this Advent calendar. The pest has enough of them anyway and, even without them, there is real excitement each morning as he runs over to open another window. Whatever Mark Drakeford says, Christmas really is coming to the Welsh Hovel.

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