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Another reason to #DefundtheBBC – Jesus was a black Palestinian! The BBC lies & demonises Jews

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 4 January 2021

In the run-up to Christmas, the loathsome BBC ran a show “Heart and Soul” which contained a segment “Black Jesus” which asked us to see the great man as a “darker skinned Palestinian.”

In order to back up this line that Jesus might be black, it served up an ancient icon that showed Jesus recast as a black African. I might ask the state-run broadcaster to consider the vast painting in Cusco Cathedral in Peru which shows Jesus and his disciples eating guinea pig at the Last Supper.

Though guinea pig is delicious, it did not exist in Israel 2,000 years ago and so we can say with certainty that the last supper was not one that contained guinea pig. Just as we can also say that the son of a couple from Nazareth was not going to be black. But it is a common feature of Christian art that it is “adjusted” in a way designed to help different indigenous peoples identify with our religion. Only the truly demented would regard this icon as evidence that Jesus was black or a picture in Peru as evidence that the disciples were eaters of guinea pig.

As to Jesus being a Palestinian, the Bible is pretty explicit that he was not. From the King James Version, Matthew 2:2:

“Saying, Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him.”

The Bible is littered with explicit statements that Jesus was a Jew. But maybe facts do not matter at the BBC?

The BBC asserted in the show: “the identity and colour of Jesus – and why it matters – has taken on a new significance in this year of protest and change. Seeing Jesus as a darker skinned Palestinian rather than blonde European is both historically accurate and theologically important, but it’s not a new idea.”

In translation: “The BBC accepts Jesus is seen as a good guy so we must depict him as black not white, albeit with an olive sort of skin and he must be a Palestinian not a wicked fucking Jew. PS We will also lie about clear facts in order to engage in this propaganda.”

This is shameful. It is cultural appropriation. It is lies cast as facts and it is a demonization of the Jews. Natch the BBC sees this as an important work so has re-run the show several times.

That should serve as several more reminders as to why we must all strive to #DefundTheBBC

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