Smug Ben Goldacre has a safe, well-paid, state funded job - meet a lockdown jihadist

Tom Winnifrith Sunday 10 January 2021


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Ben won’t be losing his job because of lockdown. For him there will be no pay cut, no furlough, no money worries. He is not going to see his house repossessed, the business which he has spent years building up destroyed in a flash. He does not lie asleep at night panicking about how he will pay the bills. Ben does not seem to have had his cancer scan delayed. He has not suffered the misery of being barred from being with a dying loved one or from attending his child’s birth. Ben has not had to tell folks they could not attend his father’s funeral. Ben has a really well-paid job and lives in the lovely middle-class City of Oxford surrounded by lovely green fields in which to stroll. Ben wants you all to look on the bright side and obey all the rules of lockdown. Lucky Ben. Smug Ben. Insensitive Ben. Go to hell Ben.

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