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Sterling - No Grounds for Optimism

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 12 December 2012

The chancellor’s Autumn statement was spun by the Tory Party and its supporters in the press as a bit of a triumph. George Osborne was helped by the fact that the riposte from New Labour came from Ed Balls who is nor an impressive orator, appears to have a minimal grasp of his subject and who was part of the Treasury team which created many ( but not) all of the balance sheet issues that Bankrupt Britain faces. But the Tories should not kid themselves – Osborne has not delivered.

Since 1971 Sterling has lost c99% of its value against Gold. To be fair the dollar has lost 98.4% of its value too. The great experiment with the printing press has had a rather predictable result but the weakness of Sterling against not only gold but other paper currencies has been marked. This is a reflection of the fundamental economic problems the UK faces. And the biggest of those problems remains that Government spending is quite simply out of control, notwithstanding two years of “austerity Britain.”

For three years every State employee, student, Guardian reader and welfare recipient has bleated on about the wicked Tories and how they are slashing State spending

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