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Timing is everything is it not Gerry Adams? You blood-soaked, evil, murdering old bastard

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 21 March 2021

Indeed it is and on that note I encourage you to view the best twitter put down in history as it concerns Mr Adams. That was 2016. This is now.

Full time IRA man and part time politician Gerry Adams has launched a new initiative Easter Eggs for a United Ireland. All you need to do, if you live in Northern Ireland, is to contact your local Sinn Fein/IRA rep and Gerry will send your kids an egg. What a nice man. 

He launched the initiative on 20 March which, as it happens, is the anniversary of the Warrington IRA bomb in which three-year-old Jonathan Ball was blown up. He’d been in town shopping for a Mother’s Day card.  12-year-old Tim Parry lasted five days before his life support machine was switched off, after tests had found only minimal brain activity.  Thanks Gerry, no Easter Eggs for Tim and Jonathan. Timing really is everything.

Meanwhile, I see that the Martin McGuinness Peace Foundation, please no sniggering at the back, is holding an open poetry contest in honour of the Butcher of Londonderry. How about this:

Violets are blue
Roses are red
Martin was evil
I am glad that he’s dead.

Surely I get an Easter Egg for that?



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