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That swings the election in Wales for me…if Charlotte Church tells me what to do I must obey

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 29 March 2021

A newspaper drops into the letterbox here at the Welsh Hovel, the last house before you hit the river which separates us from the infidels in England. If you start at the back, the paper is in Welsh, at the front it is in English. It is the election newspaper from the cottage burners of Plaid Cymru urging me to back its candidate for the Senedd on May 6. Of course I shall do that for reasons I explained here but if I was starting to waver…

The front page has a big picture of Charlotte Church and it appears that the singer is a born again nationalist so the splash headline is “I’m backing Independence” with the sub-head “We have so much potential.”  Ms Church said “I’ve been tentative in the past on Independence, I’m not a nationalist and I was not sure how plausible it was.” I wonder if she said the same thing in May 2016 when she first outed herself as a new convert to the cause of the party of Wales. Presumably, she now expresses her newfound conversion to the cause at every election as some sort of ritual before belting out a quick rendition of Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau.

Ms Church has, in the past, slated NY firefighters on 9/11 saying their hero status was undeserved, is a keen supporter of Hacked Off which wants newspapers not to be allowed to report on celebs whose boyfriends possess vast amounts of heroin and, before becoming a cottage burner, was an enthusiastic backer of Jeremy Corbyn. Presumably, it was his plans to tax multi-millionaires far more than they are now which appealed to her.

Obviously, we all take note of what celebs tell we dirty oiks is in our best interest. Remember Brexit? All the celebs told us to vote for Remain with only Jim Davidson saying we should leave. Yet oddly we dirty plebs arrived at the conclusion that folks who could sing or act a bit and were worth millions but might not have that many GCSE’s to rub together were perhaps not the best qualified folk to speak for us or to decide the fate of the nation.  So we ignored the pleas of intellectual powerhouses like Mr and Mrs Beckham and almost every luvvie in town and found ourselves agreeing with Mr Davidson, Michael Caine and Elaine Paige and about three other famous people.

So should I be swayed by the intellect of Ms Church who says that in Westminster we in Wales “are viewed as a bit of a joke?” Of course, I am sure she knows best. Forget real arguments, just listen to the celebs as they are the real experts and always know best what the little people really need.

Cymru am byth

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