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Fraccing Gets Green Light, More gas so bills go up? Blame the EU and UK Global Warming Nutters

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 13 December 2012

Hooray, the UK is once again to allow fraccing. This is a process that allows gas to be released from shale rocks. And we are sitting on vast reserves. We could quite plausibly have discovered a new resource equivalent to 25% of our North Sea gas reserves. Perhaps there is even more as exploration to date has been limited. So I guess that means that gas bills ( $10 mmBTu) will fall to US levels ($3mmBtu) – in the US fraccing means that the country has massive supplies of gas. Er…no. If we exploit this gas fully gas prices will go up. Such insanity can only come from global warming nutters and the EU. Of course it does.

David Kennedy of the “Climate Change Committee” a Quango which spouts hot air on climate change to validate the coalitions’ crackpot wind farm policies explained it all on radio 4 this morning. If we exploit no gas then fuel bills will increase by £100 by 2010 because we are being forced to pay to subsidise wind and solar power projects. These projects are far less efficient producers of power than natural gas power stations.

If however we use that gas then bills go up by £600 per family as not only do we have to pay for the useless wind turbines and solar panels but we get stuffed with a vast fine for producing more carbon. This fine will be passed on to the consumer.
Kennedy first tried to say that fraccing would not release much gas as it might only ever count for 10% of “European gas production.”Er…smell the rat? I do not give a monkey’s arse about how the Froggies or Spaniards or Greeks or Poles or Latvians generate power. Sitting in freezing minus 2 Shipston I care only about UK demand and supply and our fracced gas can give the UK a very healthy gas supply for many years. Easily enough to scrap our solar and wind programmes which, at a great cost, generate very little power.

So we could just tell the Evil Empire to stick its carbon taxes where the sun don’t shine ( that is normally above solar panels in an increasingly cold Britain) and scrap our solar and wind programmes and use gas instead. Fuel bills would actually fall.

The only argument against such a policy is that gas emits carbon. Yup. With global carbon emissions increasing steadily for 200 years we have had cold runs and warm runs. Right now we have had 16 years of a cold run. There is no link between ever higher carbon emissions and the planet getting hotter or colder. Data shows that. Global warming is a religion and an increasingly costly one for all of us whether we are believers or not as the fraccing farce shows in spades.

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