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Kevin Maguire a St Georges Day knobhead in action on a day I celebrate by trying to get Northern Ireland tickets

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 23 April 2021

It may have escaped your attention if you are not a member of the GAWA or do not know what it is, but for the first time ever, the Northern Ireland Women’s Team has qualified for a major tournament. And thus. this St George’s Day I celebrate by starting down the path to get tickets for Euro 2022 to introduce my daughter to Northern Irish football. As is the norm I don’t pay any great attention to the English National day but I certainly take no offence from its celebration. My wife, on the other hand, may have parents born in India but identifies, on the census, as do most folks born in Nottingham, as English. For our kids growing up in Wales this will all be rather confusing.

The reaction of the left to St George’s Day is predictable telling us every opportunity that George was not English and did not kill a dragon. Gosh, you don’t say, there was I thinking dragons really existed. He was, in fact from modern day Turkey but of Greek descent and a soldier in the Roman Army put to death for being a Christian. And he is celebrated in many places either today or on in early May: England, Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, Portugal, Spain, Syria, the West Bank and in various spots in Africa.

Moronic Labour party supporting journalist Kevin Maguire sums up the modern snobbish left perfectly with the tweet below. Meanwhile millions of normal folks celebrate their national day just like folks do on this day and others across the world on the national day of their country. And once again those on the left wonder why calling working class folks racist and suggesting that, uniquely in this country, patriotism is a bad thing and those displaying it should be despised, does not see them sweep to power.

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