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The Video showing the pure evil at the heart of Sinn Fein/IRA - murdering 15 year old boys is ok is it?

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 24 April 2021

There will be those who believe that Sinn Fein, always the political wing of the blood soaked IRA, is somehow not toxic, that it is a respectable political party. Regrettably more folks either side of the border which separates God’s chosen land of Ulster from the Republic of Ireland seem to think that Sinn Fein are not bad folks. Oh Gerry Adams (who led Sinn Fein while sitting on the top table of the IRA) just send out more Easter Eggs you sweet old man. Think again folks, as you watch this sickening interview from this week with Sinn Fein leader Mary Lou McDonald.

She is repeatedly asked if it was wrong to blow up the boat of Lord Mountbatten given that the killer, an IRA man, could see that it contained two boys.  Nicholas Knatchbull was Lord Mountbatten’s 15 year old Grandson. Paul Maxwell was the same age, an Irish lad who worked on the Mountbatten’s Irish estate. The two teenagers just wanted to go fishing. The IRA killer could see they were on the boat but he pressed the detonator anyway. He chose to kill two 15 year old boys. All murders are wrong but surely we can all see that this is especially wrong, it is pure evil. Mary Lou wriggles and squirms because she just cannot say that.

Anyone considering voting IRA, I meant Sinn Fein, needs to remember that you are voting for folks who think its okay to blow up 15 year old lads, Irish and English. Evil Mary Lou’s soul will surely burn in hell. Anyone voting for her party risks the same fate.


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