Friday Caption Contest - Tony Blair costs you £2 million edition

Tom Winnifrith Friday 14 December 2012


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The British taxpayer is to cough up £2 million in hush money to some poor bloke we picked up in Hong Kong and sent back to Libya to be tortured by Tony Blair’s murdering pal the late Colonel Qadaffi. The poor chap was sent back on a flight with his family three days after the man who wishes to be the President of Europe met the man who organised Lockerbie and sent guns to the IRA to secure oil concessions for British Companies in Libya. I guess it is all part of what the late Robin Cook termed “New Labour’s ethical foreign policy.”

In order to win a “Its Time to Leave” T-shirt please post suitable captions to the picture below in the comments box. The deadline is a week today

You can of course buy an “It’s Time to Leave” T-shirt, mug, thermos flask, sweatshirt or hoodie here.

My entry is:

The man with blood on his hands says: “Jesus has told me personally that it is better to give than to receive and so I have a nice present for you from Hong Kong.”

The leader of Libya replies: “That will do nicely Mr Blair, you can send BP in to see me next week.”

Last week I asked you for captions to this picture:

The winner is Donalgarth with this entry:

Sheep One” My owner’s a working guy and my there’s not much in my feed trough”
Sheep two “ My owner’s an MP and my trough is half full”
Sheep three “ My owners an MEP and my trough’s overflowing”
Sheep four “ My owners a Greeen MP and I’m F*&^%$G frozen, he’s cut off all my wool ready for this Global Warming crap!”

If Mr Garth wishes to email me his address he is the lucky winner of an It’s Time to leave T-shirt.

Best of luck with this week’s contest. Post away.

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