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There’s a shock – I have not got covid but I have lost one hundred and thirty pounds thanks to Mark bloody Drakeford

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 22 August 2021

And so for the results of my second covid test in four days. This is all so utterly pointless. I was resident for seven weeks in remote parts of Greece where the covid rate is way way lower than it is here in Wales. I have had the disease so been vaccinated by God. I have been double jabbed thanks to Pfizer. And I had a test in Greece on Saturday morning which turned out negative.

In Greece the Government stops profiteering by capping the charges for a test at 50 Euro, call it £42 quid. But Back in Wales the socialist control-freak Government of mad Mark Drakeford will not let me take a day two test in the private sector where I might pay as little as fifty quid. I am forced to book a test through it and pay £88. 

The puritan Drakeford says openly that he does not want us going abroad. Why? I was holidaying in a place with far fewer cases than Wrexham. How on earth does Drakeford think that I am putting myself or others at risk in doing so?  Of course he does not, he just wants to “soak the rich”, those bastards who have worked hard enough to afford a holiday in somewhere more exotic than the Gower peninsular and its icy seas.

I was so hacked off with those whole exercise in pointlessness than I seriously considered sticking the swab up the nose of my cat Quincey and sending that back.  Is Quincey likely to test positive?  I doubt it but then again what are the odds on a man who is double jabbed with a booster from God who has passed a test on Saturday having been in a region with almost no cases for 6 weeks and who passed a test on Saturday, testing positive on Wednesday?

And all to see if I might have a plague where the survival rate is 99.98%.  This is a costly exercise in utter futility.

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Tom Winnifrith is the editor of When he is not harvesting olives in Greece, he is (planning to) raise goats in Wales.
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