The Welsh just like being spanked by Nanny State at 20 mph – reports from the last village in Wales

25 days ago

…20 MPH limit. Former first minister, the idiotic Mark Drakeford, had insisted that the limit would save lives, …


Photo article from the Welsh Hovel - bonfire night and can you guess who the "guy" is meant to be?

195 days ago

…our draconian regime led by the half-witted Mr Mark Drakeford are dull pedants who like suppressing dissent. So …


Photo article from the Welsh Hovel - green tomato chutney

224 days ago

…bonfire has to be oue dear leader here in Wales Mark Drakeford or, possibly, the head of Oxfam.   …


Quick, fraud loving chatroom warriors: report me to Mark Drakeford & social services for poisoning my family with fried green tomatoes

585 days ago

…or our esteemed dear leader here in Wales, Mark Drakeford. The idiots at the Badger Trust have yet to …


Greece – still lockdown loving covidiots

762 days ago

…(median age 40.5). The draconian policies of Mark Drakeford were never going to overcome demographics; they …


Masks don't work you bloody covidiots - hard data: California vs Texas

831 days ago

…Idiots like our first minister here in Wales, Mr Mark Drakeford and the mask jihadists here in my home village of …


Justin Trudeau - a smear of his own people, the #TruckersConvoy2022

836 days ago

…to make our the First Minister here in Wales, Mad Mark Drakeford, hitherto widely acknowledged as the biggest …


Mark Drakeford explains why his covid lockdown policies have worked - maths GCSE fail for him

861 days ago

…First Minister of Wales, the criminally insane Mark Drakeford, is at it again. Despite imposing a stricter …


Draconian Lockdowns and forced mask wearing don't stop covid - again Welsh hard data shows the folly of the GroupThink

862 days ago

…again our dear leader, the criminally insane Mr Mark Drakeford, has shown the folly of GroupThink. Consider the …


Merry Christmas to all my readers from myself, the Mrs and the kids here at the Welsh Hovel

876 days ago

…we can all enjoy a less miserable, end of Mark Drakeford, 2022. …

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