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Greece – still lockdown loving covidiots

34 days ago

…(median age 40.5). The draconian policies of Mark Drakeford were never going to overcome demographics; they …


Masks don't work you bloody covidiots - hard data: California vs Texas

104 days ago

…Idiots like our first minister here in Wales, Mr Mark Drakeford and the mask jihadists here in my home village of …


Justin Trudeau - a smear of his own people, the #TruckersConvoy2022

108 days ago

…to make our the First Minister here in Wales, Mad Mark Drakeford, hitherto widely acknowledged as the biggest …


Mark Drakeford explains why his covid lockdown policies have worked - maths GCSE fail for him

133 days ago

…First Minister of Wales, the criminally insane Mark Drakeford, is at it again. Despite imposing a stricter …


Draconian Lockdowns and forced mask wearing don't stop covid - again Welsh hard data shows the folly of the GroupThink

135 days ago

…again our dear leader, the criminally insane Mr Mark Drakeford, has shown the folly of GroupThink. Consider the …


Merry Christmas to all my readers from myself, the Mrs and the kids here at the Welsh Hovel

149 days ago

…we can all enjoy a less miserable, end of Mark Drakeford, 2022. …


Welsh First Fuhrer Mad Mark Drakeford tells a whopping and blatant covid lie

149 days ago

…of us who live in Wales, our First Minister mad Mark Drakeford told a monstrous lie. He claimed that the Omicron …


Mark Drakeford - another Z for logic here in poor old lockdown Wales

151 days ago

…the scandemic Wales, under the leadership of mad Mark Drakeford, has had tougher lockdown rules that the infidels …


For the mask jihadists in my home village and elsewhere - they dont stop Covid spread: read the inconvenient (for you) truths

191 days ago

…Wales, a deranged chap of low intellect called Mr Mark Drakeford, tells us we have to wear one everywhere, even in …


Plan A, Plan B – don’t they teach anyone in Government basic stats and logic? The Covid Lockdown insanity of the British political class

213 days ago

…for lunatics like our glorious leader, the insane Mark Drakeford, logic is never considered. He will be mulling …

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