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Masks don't work you bloody covidiots - hard data: California vs Texas

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 7 February 2022

Idiots like our first minister here in Wales, Mr Mark Drakeford and the mask jihadists here in my home village of Holt still insist that we must wear masks to stop or slow the spread of covid. Yet hard real world data is more and more against them. Last week I discussed New York vs New Jersey. Before that it was three states in Dixie and before that Wales vs the infidels in England. Nows I bring you another chart the BBC and other hard line maskers just cannot explain.

Of course California is more urban than Texas  and it it has more Democrat run City slums so the two states will not show identical patters of covid rates. But if you are a face nappy fan you would assume that when California instituted a mandate and usage in that state went up there would be a divergence of covid rates in two states which beforehand were tracking fairly closely. The graph below shows that in fact the two carried on tracking each other reasonably closely – in fact California actually fared a bit worse than Texas. But that could be down to having more urbanites or more diseased and degenerate liberals and fewer God fearing conservatives. We do not know the exact reason. What we can say is that here is yet another clear case where higher mask uasge appeared to make no difference at all to covid spread.

Texas and California are big populus states as are New York and New Jersey. They thus provide the biggest almost double blind lab experiments on how mask usage effects covid spread in the real world and they show mask waering is essentially pointless, something some of us have been suggesting, to hoots of derision and howls of abuse, for a very long time indeed

Now I see that the Government here in Airstrip One is to make it a criminal offence to spread what, it terms, disinformation about covid. I look forward to all those who said we must wear masks to stop the spread being banged up for a very long time. But,of course it will not happen. I will be those of us who question mask usage or the side effects of vaccines who will be prosecuted because it is the Ministry of Truth which will define what is misinformation and what is not. Facts are irrelevant.

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