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Plan A, Plan B – don’t they teach anyone in Government basic stats and logic? The Covid Lockdown insanity of the British political class

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 21 October 2021

Plan B for England should covid case numbers increase involves bringing back face masks, vaccine passports and an encouragement to work from home. And this, we are assured by the experts, will help to stop the spread of covid, protect the NHS, make us all safer, yak, yak, yak.  But the problem is that there is already hard data from the British Isles to show this is utter rubbish.

Here in Wales we are already operating under plan B conditions. We have to wear face masks in public places. Though some of us disobey this pointless gesture most of the folks here act like sheep and comply. There are already covid passports and we are still being encouraged to work from home.  So you would have thought that since England relaxed all these restrictions, while we in the rain sodden, post-industrial, secondworld nanny state of Wales kept the restrictions in places, England would be far worse off than we are in terms of covid cases.

But it is not. The seven day rolling average case number here in Wales is 3,111, in England it is 38,399. So Wales has 8.1% of the number of cases as England and has essentially the same testing set up as the infidels on the other side of the river Dee from myself.  But the population of Wales is just 5.6% of that of England so Wales has many, many more covid patients per thousand citizens than do the Infidels.

If plan B worked that would not be the case. Yet ignoring data and logic England wills surely adopt  plan B sooner or later. The bone idle doctors are already, ignoring the inconvenient truth of the Welsh data, and demanding an immediate plan B for England as is the opposition Labour Party. The political classis united in ignoring data and logic, they merely disagree on the timescale for their stupidity.

So what should the Welsh do? Logic says they should follow England with its lower case numbers and drop all mask mandates etc, essentially go to plan A. But for lunatics like our glorious leader, the insane Mark Drakeford, logic is never considered. He will be mulling plan C: even tougher restrictions.

The medicine has not worked and its side effects have seriously damaged the patient so what to do? Natch Mr Drakeford would argue you just apply ever greater doses of the medicine.

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