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Masks Dont stop covid spread - the New York and New Jersey Data

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 1 February 2022

How many times do I have to serve up data from directly comparable regions with differeing mask policies where data, real world data, shows that far greater face nappy wearing makes no difference at all to covid spread, whatever the mask jihadists of my home village insist. “But you are not a doctor” they squeal “so your opinion does not count!” But I do look at data and the data does not lie. I showed you England vs Wales then three Southern States in the USA.  Now let’s look at New York State and, on the other side of the Hudson River, the Garden State, New Jersey.

Those views across the Hudson can be just amazing especially in the Autumn as they leaves turn brown. But I digress and urge you to look at the chart below and 2021 covid cases. Those in charge of New York claim that its tighter mask wearing rules implemented in November and December have worked in arresting and reversing the surge. But New Jersey implemented no such rules and its case load tracked that of New York all the way up then all the way down.  The only logical conclusion from that is that forcing folks to mask up made no difference at all tpo rates of covid transmission  Can you think of any other logical conclusion? 

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