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Mark Drakeford explains why his covid lockdown policies have worked - maths GCSE fail for him

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 9 January 2022

Wretched First Minister of Wales, the criminally insane Mark Drakeford, is at it again. Despite imposing a stricter lockdown than England on Boxing Day and insisting that England is a pariah as a result Welsh cases have continued their prior trajectory (as have English cases) suggesting that the measures taken made no difference at all. Welsh cases are now far higher than in England. All of this is explained and demonstrated HERE.  So how does Dripford explain this? Simple sheeples..

Cases in some parts of Wales are now lower than in some English hotspots and so one should view data in this way, showing that Drakeford’s policies have worked,  rather than just comparing England and Wales which would suggest that he is a totalitarian failure who continues to ignore hard data. Just when you think Drakeford can’t make more of an rase of himself…


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