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Draconian Lockdowns and forced mask wearing don't stop covid - again Welsh hard data shows the folly of the GroupThink

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 7 January 2022

Over the past few days I have shown time and again the growing mountain of hard statistical evidence that shows – as some of us have been saying for a very long time – that all the measures imposed by Government to try and control the scamdemic just do not work. Instead the collateral damage they cause ruins lives. Still the those inside the GroupThink of the media and political classes plough on, unable to admit their horrific blunders. Writing as I do, 30 yards inside Wales, once again our dear leader, the criminally insane Mr Mark Drakeford, has shown the folly of GroupThink. Consider the graph below.

Testing here in the rain sodden, post industrial, second world province is pretty much the same as in England but, on December 26  Mr Dripford enforced draconian new measures here which the infidels over in England escaped. Dripford and all those other folks with public sector safe jobs warned that England’s less severe policies would risk lives. The hard data shows that what Wales did made bugger all difference to the trajectory of cases driven by the Omicron variant which kills almost nobody. Indeed it seems that Wales has done worse than England.

Of course folks here in the last village here in Wales will deny my right – as someone who earns his living analysiing numbers – to comment since I am not asmedically qualified as the late Harold Shipman.

Not that I am praising Boris Johnson the leader of the English infidels. Yesterday the Government’s own study showed that mask wearing in schools made sod all difference to covid transmission and we know that almost no kids have died of covid of any variant. So a measure that causes demonstrable emotional and psychological distress is shown to be pointless and yet, egged on by bedcwetting teacher’s unions, the BBC and others, the Government in England continues with an in-school mask mandate.  Here in Wales, my son is not yet back at school as the teachers are haing a second day off to prepare for online teaching for all kids even 5 year olds like him. The last online day before Christmas involved Miss J telling Joshua and his peers  over zoomwhat their homework would be although it would never get marked.  That must have been another tough old day at the coal face for her. Pay rises all round.

I cannot understand why more folks are not in open rebellion at what is going on. My anger mounts with every new insult. Every new denial of data, every refusal to “follow the science” rather than the GroupThink from folks who repeatedly break their own rules is just another enormous feck you to the entire population. 


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