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Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel - the first of the damson vodka

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 24 August 2021

There are two damson trees available to us here. There were three but one at the top end of the vegetable patch just died and it is being chipped to make chippings to go around the fruit bushes with what is left over going onto a Guy Fawkes night bonfire we are starting to build. There is another in the vegetable patch where Joshua and I went collecting yesterday. A third is in our neighbour’s garden but hangs over the fence to our formal lawn so we are – with our neighbour’s agreement – abler to harvest half of it as well.

Damson jam is for later. I start with the vodka of which I shall prepare a litre to compliment a litre of plum vodka made a few days ago. Both vodkas contain the fruit, the vodka and sugar and will be shaken each day for a week until the sugar is dissolved. Then they will sit in the dark of the larder until early November when the alcoholic fruit will go into Christmas puddings while the liquid is bottled. Next up I think it will be half a litre of chilli vodka just to keep one reader happy then it will be back to the fruit and the vast quantities of apples which need a home.

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