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The folly of the Tory zero carbon plans laid bare as the UK is forced back to coal - we're going to screw the oiks!

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 7 September 2021

One of the many aspects of the regime of Carrie Antoinette and her poltroon of a husband Boris, that so many of us who are natural conservatives find so hard to stomach are their crazed green policies which will cripple our economy and hurt the poorest hardest.  he folly of the regime of Princess Nut Nuts was laid bare again this week as one of the UK’s last remaining coal power plants had to be fired up on Monday morning, as low winds meant the National Grid needed an additional source of energy. This time next year this will not be possible.

That is because West Burton A, in Lincolnshire, will be decommissioned  next summer. And the other coal station, Ratcliffe-on-Soar in Nottinghamshire will be scrapped by 2024.  Why do we need coal?

The wrong sort of wind, or rather lack of any wind in the regions with most turbines. So building more turbines would not change that unless they were built in different places such as the Cotswolds and the Sussex Downs where carrie’s pals tend to live. So that won’t happen.

So right now 5% of the UK’s power is generated by burning coal but if we get similar wind patters from next year that coal will not be around so we will have to import power from oversees, power generated by gas and, guess what? Gas prices are soaring.  So that means higher energy bills which will cost jobs, but only the sort of industrial jobs which Carrie’s mates would not dream of doing and will be a regressive tax on the poor.

But heck they are facing a regressive tax hike already with the National Insurance increase so why not double up?  It is not as if the Tories really did want to level up anything at all is it?

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